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Holiday Stress Relief: Eden Energy Medicine, Yoga and Yoga Nidra to the Rescue!

Join us for a 5 week introduction to the power of Eden Energy Medicine, mindfulness, yoga and Yoga nidra to calm your frazzled holiday nerves!

Week 1-Introduction to the Daily Energy Routine. A 10 minute routine to soothe your energy body

Week 2- Working with Triple Warmer- Learning how to settle the ever present “ Fight or Flight” response by calming triple warmer, the meridian responsible for the stress response

Week 3- Reclaim Joy!- Learn how to activate your own innate joy working with the Radiant Circuits, the essence of childlike wonder and awe

Week 4- Create a meaningful Sankalpa/resolution for yoga nidra, then we’ll practice yoga nidra together

Week 5- Combining Eden Energy Medicine and yoga for even more energetic balance

  • Live class includes the option of a free 30 minute energy balancing session OR the 5 class videos prerecorded for an online audience

  • Refunds are only offered up until November 15

Holiday Stress Relief