What's Eden Energy Medicine?

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Eden Energy Medicine has been a pivotal discovery for me in my healing journey. I  first encountered Donna Eden's work 20 years ago while looking for a way to explain a felt sense of being disconnected from my body. I resonated deeply with her teachings but did not have the time or discipline to explore. It was, though, the first time I felt as if someone understood my plight. 20 years later....I was still struggling with the same issues and I revisited her work through a Mind Valley course. It really resonated again, and I began pursuing deeper study. I enrolled in and just completed the first year of the Foundations training in Eden Energy Medicine. I intend to continue in the full certification process, because it has been so meaningful and healing for me. Here is a short video testimonial I did for the training: https://youtu.be/bc0cFnTn7uw

Energy medicine underlies all of health. We are energetic beings first and foremost, yet we focus on the physical. In many ancient wisdom traditions it is known that by the time disease appears in the physical body, it is a late stage, not early as western medicine would have us believe. So doing what we can to keep our energy bodies in alignment will translate into good health.

I've begun teaching some workshops to introduce the Daily Energy Routine, and have a particular interest in energy medicine for the "mystery illnesses" that arise from things such as Adverse Childhood events/PTSD/trauma and chronic pain conditions. I will soon offer individual sessions-stay tuned!


Adding energy medicine to my practices has deepened all of the other practices I do, and has afforded me freedom from chronic pain for the first time in a very long time. It is congruent with mindfulness because it requires your present moment attention to the body, breath and mind. It allows a deep reconnection with the body, which is missing for so many of us trained to live in our heads. The body speaks your mind-but we need to train ourselves to be more fluent in its language. It offers tools to calm the nervous system in the moment which are revolutionary in their simplicity. All it requires is your attention. And your willingness to make a change toward balance.

Donna has created simple yet powerful practices to keep body, breath, and mind in energetic connection, and to help restore connection to the earth which supports us all, giving us the roots we need to reach for the stars. I am so very grateful to be a student as well as a teacher of her work. It has already changed my life for the better.

For more information on Eden Energy Medicine, check out their resources here: http://www.innersource.net/em/