Iā€™m thrilled to welcome you to a new 6 week online session that incorporates Eden Energy Medicine, Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

As we begin our work together, please remember: these practices are offered for you as suggestions. It is essential for you to work with your own body; if you have any preexisting conditions or mental or physical concerns, please check with your own health care provider before beginning this or any other movement based program. These practices are NOT a substitute for more traditional physical or mental health care. If your body says NO to anything offered here, please listen to it. Visualizing the practices that do not feel right are energetically helpful as well. I will include suggested modifications we move through the practices

Our work here is to learn how to most skillfully inhabit the body/mind/heart and spirit which we have been given in this lifetime, learning to navigate this precious human life with more ease.

Get to know yourself again! Re-Embody, Self Empower and come to life more fully!

Week 1