Join me for a 5 class introduction to the Power of Eden Energy Medicine, Yoga Nidra and Mindful Energy Yoga!

Stress Relief at your fingertips!

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a time of great joy and abundance yet sometimes there is a sense of overwhelm with rapidly changing weather and all the rapid growth, both inner and outer. It is an opportunity to manifest all you’ve been nurturing and tending over the long, still months of winter. Times of transition, though, can be challenging…Especially with the world today, adding to the tumult

What if you could burst forth this spring in your truest, most authentic glory?

What if you already have the power in your own hands to live your whole life with more ease?

What if you could work to create a more resilient nervous system so that you could step fully into your power, blooming in the most skillful way, for the benefit of all of us!

What if you could learn to be “in the world but not of it”, as the Buddha said…or as Gandhi said, to “Be the change you wish to see”?


In this upcoming pre-recorded online home study program, you will experience Eden Energy Medicine, Yoga Nidra, and Mindful Energy Yoga together in a unique way which I have found to be particularly effective at balancing & calming the nervous system, allowing you to move through the inevitable challenges of life with more ease.

Practicing Eden Energy Medicine allows you to:

  • Retrain the nervous system to a place of greater resilience and balance, finding more ease even in the midst of this busy life

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • More easily navigate the inevitable stresses of life

  • Recover a feeling of energy,vitality and trust as you befriend and learn the unique language of your own body

Students in my Yoga Nidra classes have experienced:

  • An increase in the quality of restorative rest that they are able to achieve that lasts days or weeks beyond a single practice

  • The felt sense of 2 to 6 hours of high-quality, deeply restful sleep.

  • A sense of balance in the nervous system, which allows a more restorative, healing state (Rest and Digest rather than Fight/Flight/Freeze, the root of chronic stress & survival mode)

Mindful Energy Yoga incorporates Eden Energy Medicine into the practice of gentle, Mindful Yoga, a powerful combination which may help you to:

  • Restore your energy balance so that you experience more flexibility, both in your physical body and in your mind

  • Release & remove energy blocks that may have prohibited you from moving your body freely before

  • Decrease pain - When we combine energy medicine with yoga, it allows a freeing up of stuck energy, which allows you to move through poses with greater ease and comfort. (Even for people who have found yoga to be uncomfortable or inaccessible before, adding the energy medicine could allow movement to occur with much more ease.)

When you register,

you will receive five 2 hour classes of dedicated practices in Eden Energy Medicine, Yoga Nidra, and Mindful Energy Yoga PLUS short practice sessions

to explore at your own pace

Self-Empowering Medicine is STILL open for enrollment

ONLY until April 27, 2019.

The regular price for this course is $239 …

But you can register now for the “Spring Fling” price of only $99.

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I teach these practices at several local Cancer Centers to Cancer Survivors. Without any explanation from me, I started adding energy practices to yoga and my students all noticed a benefit. Some say they are more energized, calmer, even more flexible! Now, if I leave the energy work out, they notice. It changes your experience in an instant. It is just that powerful and revolutionary in its simplicity. And it is your birthright. You already have the power in your own hands.

Come into the heart of these practices to reclaim and harness your inner light and remember and grow your own innate healing abilities.

I can’t wait to share these simple, yet transformative practices with you!

Allow these practices to help you be more grounded and embodied throughout the chaotic growth of spring. Let them allow you to move forward with more ease, feeling calm and revitalized, reconnected and recharged, as you burst forth, offering your authentic self to the world!

You’ll acquire practices and tools that you can use forever!

Once you register, you will have access to the full series of sessions to enjoy at your own pace

Each pre-recorded class is approximately 120 minutes in length; the practice videos are 7-24 minutes each

Class Details:

Lesson 1:

Introduction to the Daily Energy Routine: A 10 minute routine to soothe your energy body with explanations and demonstrations

Lesson 2:

Working with Triple Warmer: Learning how to settle the ever present “ Fight or Flight” response by calming triple warmer, the meridian responsible for the stress response

Lesson 3:

Reclaim Joy: Learn how to activate your own innate joy working with the Radiant Circuits, the essence of childlike wonder and awe

Lesson 4:

Create a meaningful Sankalpa/resolution for yoga nidra, then we’ll practice yoga nidra together

Lesson 5:

Combining Eden Energy Medicine and yoga for even more energetic balance

PS: If you don’t have time for the 2 hour class explanations,

but want to see immediate results, I’ve included the Eden Energy Medicine practices as short separate videos so that you can use the practice videos alone and begin your healing journey.

You do NOT have to understand the practices to benefit!!

Just do them and watch what happens to you: body, breath, mind, and spirit.

When you’ve got more time, you can listen to the longer class sessions and learn more ABOUT the practices at your leisure so you can apply all these amazing practices on the spot in specific ways.

So many ways to benefit from this package!

Want more guidance?

Add a 60 minute individual Zoom session with me for ONLY $99

In this session we can address your individual concerns and tailor the practices to meet your unique needs and situation

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5 week home study class PLUS an individual Zoom session with me

Registration is open for Self-Empowering Medicine Home Study Course from now until April 27

The regular price for this course is $239 …

Register now for the special “Spring Fling” price of only $99.

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Self-Empowering Medicine 5-week Online Home Study Program:

Click the button below for

5 week home study class PLUS an individual Zoom session with me

Feel empowered and rejuvenated this spring, ready to share your unique gifts with the world feeling calm and revitalized, reconnected and recharged!

You’ll acquire practices and tools that you can use forever!

Disclaimer: These practices are offered for you to try on, not as dogma or the “right” answer for you. Ultimately, they are only beneficial if you find them to be useful to you in your own life. It is essential for you to work with your own body; if you have any preexisting conditions or mental or physical concerns, please check with your own health care provider before beginning this or any other exercise program. These practices are NOT a substitute for more traditional physical or mental health care. If your body says NO to anything offered here, please listen to it. This is where the value lies-learning to communicate skillfully with your own body, listening to how it feels, learning what it actually needs rather than relying solely on what someone else is asking you to do. Get to know yourself again!

“Never sacrifice the wisdom of the body for the glory of the pose”

~Vanda Scaravelli