Hello Everyone!

I’m thrilled that you have chosen to join me in this 5 week class!

As we begin our work together, please remember: these practices are offered for you as suggestions. It is essential for you to work with your own body; if you have any preexisting conditions or mental or physical concerns, please check with your own health care provider before beginning this or any other movement based program. These practices are NOT a substitute for more traditional physical or mental health care. If your body says NO to anything offered here, please listen to it.

Our work here is to learn how to most skillfully inhabit the body/mind/heart and spirit which we have been given in this lifetime, learning to navigate this precious human life with more ease.

Get to know yourself again! Re-Embody and come to life more fully! Find JOY!

Let’s begin!!

Week One

An Introduction to Eden Energy Medicine’s Daily Energy Routine

One quick correction: At about 53 minutes I mis-speak , getting my B words confused! I mistakenly called it the Bridge flow as part of freeing the diaphragm. (We'll talk about the bridge flow later) This is actually the Belt Flow, that connects top and bottom, 2nd and 3rd chakras. Thanks for understanding:)

I appreciate the suggestion for a more concise practice video- that’s coming with each class going forward.

Here is the basic DER from Donna Eden and below is a 17 minute video clip of the DER

Thanks for your patience-and for asking for what will enhance your experience! Hooray!

Our first video call in for questions and answers will be Tuesday December 18 at 11 am EST.

I will send a zoom link ahead of the call and you are welcome to join live or view the recording later. The video recording will be posted on this page after the call

contact me if you have questions or technical issues.


Week 2

Working with Triple Warmer and Spleen for Stress Relief and Nervous System Balance

Here’s a short Triple Warmer and Spleen Practice that will be expanded upon in the class video:

Additional resources to accompany our class work :

A picture of the 24 hour meridian cycle, a written explanation of triple warmer and spleen exercises, and a short video by Dan Siegel explaining the hand model of the brain to which I have referred in video 1

Below is the full class recording

Remember to mark your calendar for our first video call in!

Tuesday, December 18, 11am EST

I’ll send a zoom link next week


Week 3

Working with Radiant Circuits for JOY and Deep Healing

Let yourself have fun with this!! I find that the stiffer or more resistant I feel, the more I need these practices.

Just try them on and see for yourself

Click here for a resource that explains in more detail the practices and benefits

Tuesday December 18 at 11 am EST is our first of 2 call-in opportunities for questions and answers. 

If you are able to join in, here is the zoom link

If you cannot join live but have questions please submit them to me here by 9 am on December 18. I'll get to as many of them as I can

I'll post a recording of the call on the class page after the call so you can review at your leisure


Week 4

Working to Shift Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Truths,

creating a Sankalpa/resolution,

and practicing Yoga Nidra

Here’s a short video of all the practices together:

And this page details some of the ways to work with your limiting beliefs and create a resolution to use in yoga Nidra AND zip in  during your daily energy routine.

Below is the full class video:

(Yoga Nidra begins at about 1:06)

OOPS- in my excitement over first zoom call I forgot to record 😩

so here are the last 11 minutes and a quick 8 minute recap

 I tried to do from recall after.

We'll have another chance in January!


Week 5

Pulling it all together with Mindful Energy Yoga

This week we'll practice gentle yoga with energy medicine woven in- just see if it makes a difference in your experience!

(As always, remember that my offerings are suggestions and you are invited to trust your own body's wisdom above and beyond what I suggest. Please modify and /or sit out if something feels inappropriate for you)

Here’s your “forever” homework page

Our final Zoom call for Questions and Answers is 
Tuesday January 8 at 11 am EST. 

Here's the zoom link

Please note that you do NOT have to be finished with all the work to attend! This is for you to ask whatever questions may be arising wherever you are in practice, as well as to offer feedback and hear the experiences of others.

If you cannot attend and have questions please email them by 9 am Tuesday January 8. I’ll post the video here after the call.

Here’s the link to the call-only one person but she asked many questions and expressed concerns that may well be the same as yours! Enjoy! And Thanks Francie, for spending time with me💖

Here’s a link for feedback. I’d love to know how you found the course, whether it served you, what you learned…

Please say something! It truly matters to me to know your experience with the series🙏

If you have more questions now or in the future please email me.

 If you prefer individual attention, please reach out and we can schedule an appointment.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to share this heart work with you all.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time with me!

I’m hopeful that this work has mattered to you and you will add it to your tool box of life changing practices.

Stay tuned for more online offerings-Mindful Energy Yoga and Yoga Nidra coming soon

I wish you a Peaceful, Abundant and Empowering New Year

and lots and lots of Love, Wonder and Joy!💖