I’m delighted to be bringing my interpretation of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to you!

Together we will work to empower ourselves to become more aware, less reactive and more compassionate. It’s all about practice-and you will be fully supported here with homework and an online community.

One of the most important things to consider and devote yourself to for these next 8 weeks is to make the practices your own. I will offer suggestions and guidance, and hope that you will try them on, but don’t imagine that I know the best way for you to practice. Ultimately this work is about getting to know yourself so that you can craft a practice/series of practices that allows you find the ease that allows you to come to life in the most authentic way possible FOR YOU. You are one of a kind and only you can feel when this is right.
Do make a space in your home dedicated to practice. If you can’t do it there….then nothing we do will really change your life. We are learning to create the conditions that allow ease and awareness wherever we go. As Jon Kabat-Zinn titled his second book “ Wherever You Go, There You Are!”

While Discipline is a word often used in reference to such practices, I prefer the word DEVOTION. Won’t you please choose to DEVOTE this time to your well being and healing? It is not just for you-it ripples out to all with whom you share life.

Let’s do it! For all of us, as a gift to the world.

Week 1