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Eden Energy Medicine For Kids!


I'm thrilled to invite you to an exciting event!

One of my Eden Energy Medicine Teachers, Titanya Dahlin (Donna Eden's daughter!) is coming to Maryland for a day long workshop

Nourishing Highly Sensitive Kids in a Toxic Age Through Eden Energy Medicine. 

She is amazing and joyful and inspirational.

* Please note this workshop is to teach parents, teachers, and all adults to learn how to work with kids

Please share! The kids of today ( ...and their parents,... and all of us!) need all the tools they can get, and Energy Medicine is so Self-Empowering!

Come join Titanya at Turf Valley August 19, and Learn how to best support the children you love
Click here for more information and to register

Can't come? The class is also available as a live stream to view at your leisure!

Learn more about Titanya here