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Amadea Morningstar at Razz Yoga

Cancelled at Razz-Please consider attending Sunday evening workshop at Baltimore Yoga Village-see above

Dance with Rasa: Food, Drink, Herbs, Marma, Mantra

Have fun exploring how easy it can be to nourish yourself well.
Discover how touch & sound can be used in self-care to enhance your tissue health.
Meet the 7 essential tissues of Ayurveda, the dhatus. Learn how simple it can be to nurture them with food, drink, herbs, marma, and mantra.
Begin to explore Rasa dhatu, the plasma, our gateway to Ayurveda rejuvenation.
Learn dhatu rejuvenating marma chikitsa with mantras. 
Enjoy an easy healing ayurvedic drink & great company.

More about Amadea here

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  • There will be limited numbers of books for sale at this event