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Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing at Razz Yoga

This practice has the physiologic effect of 2-8 hours of restful sleep. Yoga nidra offers deep physical, emotional, mental, physiologic and metabolic rest-the perfect antidote for the way we live today!

In this amazing session we will also add a sound bath by Elaine Wujcik!

Once guided into a Deep Relaxation, gentle vibrations will ‘bathe’ participants in sound.  The vibrations from Himalayan singing bowls will harmonize the space, allowing for a greater sense of safety and security.   This embodied sense of trust supports the body and mind to release additional tensions, encouraging the deeply relaxed state. Elaine’s practice of Sound is appropriate for HSPs (highly sensitive people) and/or individuals with a sensitivity to sounds.  Learn more about Elaine at


No prior yoga experience required.

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Earlier Event: October 25
Yoga Nidra at Razz Yoga