Join me for an 8 week home-study exploration of the Chakras

Chakras are often described as pools of colorful, swirling energy that align along the spine from pelvis to crown. There are 7 major chakras and many more minor chakras.

There is voluminous information on the subject in many different traditions, and many variations in interpretations.

My offering here is rooted in Eden Energy Medicine and how Donna Eden teaches us, as she literally sees energy in the chakras. I will also offer mudras and yoga poses that influence each chakra from the Integrative Yoga Therapy tradition in which I trained, as well as meditation practices from the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction work I do.

The 7 Major chakras influence the organs in their vicinity and relate to the endocrine system. They carry fresh energy in and release stuck or stagnant energy outward. They influence one another and are influenced by the environment. The Chakras carry information about all of our experiences and have many levels-Donna sees 7 layers in each Chakra- and each layer of each chakra may have a different color!

The most superficial layers carry more recent experiences while the deepest levels can carry ancestral memory and past life experiences.

In short, the chakras are the stories of our lives, past and present-and thus influence our future.


Bringing them into balance and harmony allows physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

And simple practices have the capacity to penetrate deeply and facilitate great and lasting changes.

All of this information is energetically accessible to us, and can be brought into balance-if we know how.

My intention in this course is to share the Eden Energy Medicine understanding of the 7 major chakras by offering simple, embodied practices using Eden Energy Medicine, Meditation, Mudra, Mindful Energy Yoga and Yoga Nidra to help you get familiar with the energy of each chakra.

Once you become familiar with the themes and energies of each chakra, you’ll be able to notice when you may be out of alignment and have a toolbox of useful practices to keep harmony both within your own being and in relationship to others and the environment.

And to do deeper spiritual work (my opinion) requires being fully embodied and grounded. This work will guide you deeper into whatever spiritual practices call you.

The practices that I have chosen are are rooted in Eden Energy medicine, using Mindful Energy Yoga, meditation and mudras (which are hand gestures used in the yoga tradition to move energy in a specific way throughout the body-more energy work- in your own hands!!) to heal and balance the chakras.

This course is highly experiential rather than didactic.

We’ll practice together to get a felt sense of each chakra and how to bring it into greater balance and harmony with the inner and outer world.

In this 8 Class Program, you will:

  • Learn the Eden Energy Medicine perspective on the 7 chakras, recognizing the power of full embodiment and need for grounding for deeper spiritual work and growth

  • Understand and embody your capacity to use your own hands to create harmony in your energy body

  • Learn the elements and qualities associated with each chakra, and simple practices that can balance each of the chakras including energy medicine, meditation and mudras

  • Experience a Mindful Energy Yoga practice for each chakra that incorporates Eden Energy work into more traditional hatha yoga for a well rounded and blended practice for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance

  • Learn essential yet simple practices to balance the chakras when “on the run” and without time for longer practice

Upon registration, you will receive a group of prerecorded practices for each Chakra:

  • an introductory video for each chakra ,

  • a short (5-10 minute) guided meditation with Mudra for each Chakra,

  • a 30-60 minute yoga practice tailored to the chakra with an Eden Energy medicine focus,

  • and a short (2-5 minute) video of essential practices for each chakra to use on the days when there is no time for a longer practice.

Class 1 will be an introduction to Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine; class 8 will be a full length yoga Nidra practice for the Crown Chakra.

You can use these short video segments as you wish, as they will offer general information about each chakra, and practices for bringing them into balance.

My intention is to offer you user-friendly bits of meaningful practice.

We are all busy and I hope this format will accommodate and benefit all.

I tried to make the yoga classes as short as I could, yet feel strongly that one needs a well rounded practice, so they range from 30-55 minutes in length. The yoga nidra is 74 minutes.

Here’s a short video from a prior energy yoga class I offered, describing the benefits of adding energy work to yoga:

Mindful Energy Yoga incorporates Eden Energy Medicine into the practice of gentle, Mindful Yoga, a powerful combination which may help you to:

  • Restore your energy balance so that you experience more flexibility in body, mind and spirit

  • Release & remove energy blocks that may have prohibited you from moving your body freely before

  • Decrease pain - When we combine energy medicine with yoga, it allows a release of stuck energy, which allows you to move through poses with greater ease and comfort. (Even for people who have found yoga to be uncomfortable or inaccessible before, adding the energy medicine could allow movement to occur with much more ease.)

  • Learn to speak the language of your body more fluently so you can notice imbalances and correct before they become energy habits

  • Disclaimer: These practices are offered for you to try on, not as dogma or the “right” answer for you. Ultimately, they are only beneficial if you find them to be useful to you in your own life. It is essential for you to work with your own body; if you have any preexisting conditions or mental or physical concerns, please check with your own health care provider before beginning this or any other exercise program. These practices are NOT a substitute for more traditional physical or mental health care. If your body says NO to anything offered here, please listen to it. Feel free to modify in any way that feels safe for your body-the intention with which you practice matters as much as the pose! This is where the value lies-learning to communicate skillfully with your own body, listening to how it feels, learning what it actually needs rather than relying solely on what someone else is asking you to do. Get to know yourself again!

    “Never sacrifice the wisdom of the body for the glory of the pose”

~Vanda Scaravelli

Class 8 is a full length Yoga nidra-74 minutes. More info on yoga Nidra here

Students in my Yoga Nidra classes have reported:

  • An amazing experience of truly restorative rest that lasts days or weeks beyond a single practice-a first for many of us!

  • The felt sense of 2 to 6 hours of high-quality, deeply restful sleep.

  • A sense of balance in the nervous system, which allows a more restorative, healing state (Rest and Digest rather than Fight/Flight/Freeze, the root of chronic stress & survival mode)

  • Relief of pain and anxiety!

  • Confidence in capacity to truly rest and heal-even if/when this is an unfamiliar state-leading to new hope for deep healing of body, mind and spirit

The videos are yours to use as you wish, again and again. They will remain available on the class access page indefinitely.

I’ve tried to package this class in “bite-sized morsels” to accommodate your very busy life and yet offer powerful tools for healing at the same time.

My intention is for this session is to include many of the well known yoga poses so you have a complete 8 class series that is well rounded, while focusing on each individual chakra.

In a studio, this class would cost at least $250, but I’m offering it to you for the special price of $159

REGISTRATION CLOSES ON September 22 at Midnight EST.

Here’s how the class unfolds:

Class 1: Eden Energy Medicine: Introduction to the Daily Energy Routine

Class 2 : Grounding and Rooting

Class 3 : Flowing like Water

Class 4: Coming into your Power

Class 5: Opening the Heart

Class 6: Speaking your Truth and Opening to Possibility

Class 7: Remembering Who You Are

Class 8: Connecting to Source with Yoga Nidra


I hope you’ll join us to tap into the power of healing and restoration that these practices offer

Learn the language of your body to create a more resilient energy body.

Experience yourself as powerful and capable of creating vibrant health and healing using these simple but transformative practices.

Your innate ability to heal is in your hands!

If you would like some individual attention, you may wish to add a 60 minute Zoom session. Please email me to set this up.

The class plus Zoom session is $258 ( $159+$99)